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  Name Birth Death Notes Obituary Gravestone
Lydia Hittle 1789 1860

Nee Yeaple

(not in WPA or 1997 cemetery readings)

was in 1850 Monroe County census

Michael Hittle 1776 Jul 31, 1855   Notes "In looking at your Osborne Cemetary census, in row 23 South to north, it is the ""Michael Hittle died 1855"" that you list that I need to replace. It is broken in half. He was born in Fishing Creek, COlombia County Pennsylvania in 1776, the son of a Revolutionary War veteran. He was a blacksmith and farmer. But right next to that one is Michael's wife, Lydia Yeaple Hittle. Her stone at Osborne is ompletely sunken in or broken off, I'm not sure which. That is primarilly why I need to get the Albia Monument company on the job. For what it may be worth for Monroe COunty genealogical purposes, Michael Hittle (1776-1855) --and five of his seven sons and their families--were the first of our clan to emigrate to Iowa. They began to dribble into Monroe County between 1846-1848. Michael had lived most of his adult life in Rushville, Rush County Indiana. He left Pennsylvania between 1816-1820 and went first to Greene COunty Ohio. He left Greene County Ohio and moved to Indiana in 1824, and thence to Iowa in 1846. So he relocated to Iowa quite late in his life. Michael had purchased large tracks of Government land in Monroe and Marion Counties between 1845-1848 (I have the land warrants signed by President Polk). Michael's son, also called Michael, was either the first, or one of the first postmasters in Bremen (Lovilia). Another son--his youngest, John H. Hittle, owned some of the original town plots that can be seen marked on early town plans of Lovilia. Michael's (1776-1855) seventh child, Jacob, was a carpenter who built some of the first structures in Lovilia. Jacob was my great great great grandfather and a civil war veteran. In 1885 Jacob and his wife Huldah Jane (Ambers) Hittle relocated to Castana, Kennebec TWP, Monona COunty, to live with their eldest son, another Michael Hittle (my great great grandfather). This is how my line moved up to Monona County after the civil war and that is how I came to be born in northwest Iowa, instead of at Lovilia. After world war one, Michael's son, Thomas J. Hittle moved to Leeds, Woodbury County. That is my original home. Thanks again for doing this fantastic work with Monroe County genealogy! Jon Hittle Baltimore"
Beveline R. Dixon 1823 Apr 13, 1861

wife of D B Dixon


When reset in 2018, date section of stone could no longer be found, death date and age was still readable in the 1937 WPA survey

David P. Dixon Aug 12, 1855 Oct 22, 1856 son of David P & Bevelina R Dixon
Manerva A. Dixon May 23, 1854 Nov 7, 1854

dau of David P & Bevelina R Dixon

(5mos 15dys)

Sarah C. Shanklin Jun 28, 1847 Aug 13, 1861

dau of Joseph & Sophia Lewman Shanklin

(14yrs 1mo 15dys)

Nancy E. Shanklin Nov 3, 1849 Aug 14, 1856

dau of Joseph & Sophia Lewman Shanklin

(6yrs 9mos 11dys)

Elijah Lewman 1775 Jul 17, 1857

son of Caleb & Elizabeth ??? Lewman

born in Washington County, Maryland

wife Charity Jane Stockwell


Mary E. Jackson Aug 15, 1845 Aug 10, 1942

dau of Hardin & Mary Beck Dillinger

wife of Nathaniel P.

Nathaniel Parker Jackson Apr 18, 1822 Sep 4, 1897 son of John & Rachel Parker Jackson
Nathaniel Parker Jackson Jr. Oct 22, 1876 Nov 03, 1903 son of Nathaniel & Mary Dillinger Jackson  
William E. Jackson 1884 1984 son of Nathaniel & Mary Dillinger Jackson
Myrtle O. Jackson 1882 1967 dau of Nathaniel & Mary Dillinger Jackson
Allen Simpson Howard Aug 22, 1860 Sep 16, 1912 son of Henry & Paulina Gray Howard
Nellie May Howard Nov 3, 1892 Feb 28, 1897 dau of Allen & Mary Mefford Howard
Arminda Masterson Oct 29, 1889 Dec 12, 1891 dau of John & Sarah Mefford Masterson